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Wes Wilburn Consulting News

Wes Wilburn, founder of Wes Wilburn Consulting and is one of the most active instructors involved in towing and recovery industry. It is at this time he is proud to announce the addition of a new instructor, Patrick Zozaya. This will enable Wes Wilburn Consulting to provide additional opportunities for training & certification to the towing industry.

Although Patrick a new addition to the company he is not new to the industry.

Patrick is a second generation tower and has been in the industry for nine-teen years.

Patrick began as a student in a Wes Wilburn Consulting training class and continued on to help Wes instruct his training classes.

Patrick Zozaya actively works with Ewing Brothers Towing in Las Vegas Nevada and currently holds a senior management position.

Patrick also has conducted many classes with other organizations such as Los Angeles City, CA and the Las Vegas Fire Depts. which he instructed on his own. Patrick also is involved in many different types of volunteer work including interacting with the local school districts and many regional fire and rescue teams.

Patrick Zozaya is an Accredited Riggers Trainer through a OSHA / N.C.C.C.O recognized school.

Wes Wilburn Consulting now offers Level 1 Riggers training & testing included as part of the Rotator & Heavy Rigging course and attendees can become recognized as a Certified Level 1 Rigger by OSHA Standards once they have completed the class and have passed a written test. The first one of these specialty classes was held in Pennsylvania during July of this year, the class was completely full with attendees. There was nothing but positive feedback those that participated.

Wes Wilburn Consulting will only offer two more of these Rotator & Heavy Rigging classes this year:

· October 1st and 2nd in N. Franklin CT
· October 29th & 30th in Las Vegas, NV

April Davis (Testing Administrator for Wes Wilburn Consulting) states “We are very excited about the talent and enthusiasm Patrick brings to our organization and the insight he adds to all of the courses we offer”

“We now have so much demand for our training classes we are proud to welcome Patrick to the team and we are continuing our search for towing instructors. We are so excited to share this new opportunity with everyone. For more information about our program or becoming an instructor please contact us at 910 486 8928 or” said Wes Wilburn.

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Posted by Cyndi Kight, Associate Editor of Towing and Recovery Footnotes

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