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About Us

Thanks for dropping by and you’re probably wondering who we are and how we came up with the idea of helping Towing service providers like you.
Towing Guru

Towing Guru is a product of Softline Solutions, which was founded many years ago as an internet marketing company with the focus of providing quality marketing solutions with a personal touch. 2008 was a busy year for us as many small and local businesses reached out for help during an economy which was turning south. Traditional Yellow Page marketing just wasn’t cutting it anymore and our customers knew they needed an internet presence but they needed our help. So we got to work on a solution which ultimately became the ePowerPackage. This was the perfect product for our small and local business customers and as our expertise in different industries grew so did the need to develop custom marketing packages for different industries and Towing Guru was born!

With our vast online marketing experience and knowledge in online marketing in place, we were able to take the guess work out of online marketing and provide a simple, turn-key solution that was designed to get your phones ringing. We take pride in knowing we are the number one choice for customers in the Towing industry and have built an amazing referral base out of it.

Looking forward, Towing Guru has one main mission. To continue helping businesses like yours thrive and succeed in any economy, in any city, in any state. With our talent, technology, and commitment to our customers we believe that Towing Guru and Softline Solutions will be a household name in the industry very soon.

Put Towing Guru to work for you and see how the power of the internet can be harnessed!


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