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New Truck Sales Site

Here’s the press release:

During these troubling economic times, truckers are finding more reasons to buy and sell their trucks and trailers and to look for great prices on parts. has emerged as America’s leading superstore for truckers and fleet owners who need to buy trucks and sell used trucks and dump trucks as well as purchase parts and supplies in a new report issued today by the company.

“Business is booming compared to last year,” said Jim McCormack, president of, which will celebrate its seventh anniversary in December. “A lot of truckers are selling their rigs and we are picking up new dealers. Dealers are finding us to be great alternatives to expensive newspapers.”

By offering more value-added services and charging less for ads, has built a loyal following.

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“We are a low-cost solution for people to sell vs. the papers,” continued McCormack. “Papers are very expensive. We do have a low ad price. It is only $19.95 and it is a one-time charge. People are always remarking, ‘Oh, what a bargain.’ With the economy bad like it is, people want to save money.”

Over last year, website traffic is up 25 percent based on unique visits. Listings are up 30 percent over last year, with 8,000 current listings for trucks and trailers. All sales are negotiated between the buyer and the seller.

Inventory is also moving faster than last year, with a 30-day average sell date compared to 60 days for last year, McCormack said.

“The prices are going up pretty fast here because none of the fleets have been buying trucks for the past three years. That’s putting a lot of demand in the late-model used market,” he said. has grown so quickly because it offers more services than competitors. For example,

* Has a better ad layout so vehicles are displayed properly with key information easy to find.
* Provides an easier navigation system for buyers to find the vehicle that is right for them fast.
* Helps write ads so customers get the best possible ad to promote their vehicle.

Unlike competitors, offers one, all-inclusive fee for:

* 20 photos for each vehicle so buyers won’t wonder if anything is being left out.
* Links to YouTube videos so buyers can see the truck in action.
* Links to slide shows that can be sent via email so buyers can have all the information they need to make the buying decision.

Competitors either don’t offer these features, or they charge extra for them, McCormack said.

The company also offers additional services, including:

* Creating websites for truck dealers with a staff that understands the industry.
* Writing and producing newsletters for truck dealers who lack the time and expertise to do so themselves.

Owner operators can take advantage of special rates that has negotiated with truck financing companies and commercial insurance companies.

The website has additional features, including a financing calculator so truckers can see how much a truck will actually cost and get their questions answered about truck financing and semi truck financing.

A blog offers useful information about the industry and products.


Started in December of 2003,’s mission is to give people a low-cost option to buy and sell equipment on the Internet.

“We saw an opportunity because there weren’t any low-cost providers,” McCormack said.

McCormack has a 25-year history in the food service industry, before becoming a web developer in 1998. He got the inspiration to start after he made a website for a friend who sold semi-trailers.

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