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Wes Wilburn’s Training Schedule

Wes Wilburn’s
Training Schedule
2 Day: Med & Heavy Duty, April 9-10, Fayetteville, NC
2 Day: Light & Med Duty, May 14-15, Kansas City, MO
1 Day: Advanced Light Duty, May 18, Denver, CO
2 Hr: Hybrid Awareness, May 19, Denver, CO
2 Day: Heavy Duty, May 19-21, Denver, CO
2 Day: Light & Heavy, Jun 4-5, Des Moines, IA
2 Day: Med & Heavy, Jun 11-12, Imperial, MO
2 Day: Light & Med , Jun 25-26, Franklin, NC
2 Day: Rotator & Heavy Rigging, Jul 16-17, Cochranton, PA
Contact Wes Wilburn Consulting, PO Box 007, Wade, NC 28395;; 910-486-8928

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From Footnotes TowBlog: Towing News Around The Web
Posted by Cyndi Kight, Associate Editor of Towing and Recovery Footnotes

New Chock From In The Ditch

Here’s the press release:

In The Ditch Towing Products, a leader in quality towing equipment in the towing industry is announcing the release of its new Traveling Speed® Chock. The Traveling Speed® Chock helps to prevent vehicles from rolling off the deck of a car carrier during loading and unloading. The Chock travels up the deck with the vehicle and will help prevent the vehicle from rolling off the deck should you have a catastrophic failure of the winch or wire rope.
Here are some additional key points to consider:
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