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Irish tow drivers win battle with ‘Beast’ – Bizarre – World –

Irish tow drivers win battle with ‘Beast’ – Bizarre – World – “DUBLIN, Ireland, May 24 (UPI) — An Irish tow truck driver says President Obama’s custom limo made quite a mess when it bottomed out leaving the U.S. Embassy in Dublin.

Kelly’s Towing Services was called in immediately after the armor-plated vehicle got stuck on the parking garage ramp and needed about three hours to free it.

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Why Social Media Marketing is Ideal for Towing Companies

Online marketing for towing companies has limitless possibilities.  Beyond using towing advertising tools such as pay-per-click (PPC), you can get involved in social media marketing (SMM).  What can SMM do for you?  It can do a lot.

When you’re involved in social media, you’re connecting with consumers online.  In fact, if you’re doing SMM correctly, you’re in conversations with consumers over the Internet.  Rather than merely marketing your business in the typical towing advertising style, you’re relating to people on a personal level while offering discounts and other helpful information.

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Guerrilla Tow Truck Marketing

Online marketing for towing companies is like a rich forest full of amazing opportunities. When you go the guerrilla marketing way, there’s no added cost to your marketing budget; nevertheless you could gain incredible exposure as a result of your efforts.

Guerrilla marketing was designed by Jay Conrad Levinson as a tool for small businesses with nonexistent marketing budgets to get noticed by consumers. The expenditures required are a passion for your business, creativity, and follow-through. Guerrilla marketing is an aggressive brand of towing advertising. Read full story…

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