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Irish tow drivers win battle with ‘Beast’ – Bizarre – World –

Irish tow drivers win battle with ‘Beast’ – Bizarre – World – “DUBLIN, Ireland, May 24 (UPI) — An Irish tow truck driver says President Obama’s custom limo made quite a mess when it bottomed out leaving the U.S. Embassy in Dublin.

Kelly’s Towing Services was called in immediately after the armor-plated vehicle got stuck on the parking garage ramp and needed about three hours to free it.

‘There was no problem with the weight, but the lifting points on an American car are slightly different than those on a European car,’ observed owner Eamonn Kelly. ‘The suspensions collapsed with the smack and the wheel had gone right up into the car.’

The U.S. presidential limo is a hefty, bullet-proof Cadillac nicknamed ‘The Beast’ by Secret Service agents.

Kelly told the Irish Times his son, Keith, was in charge of the operation and decided the best thing to do would be to roll the big Cadillac back into the underground garage and then haul it to the airport for transport back to the United States.

‘To bring it forward would have caused too much damage,’ Kelly said. ‘We brought in another tow truck from Baldoyle, it took three hours in total but we got it moved.’”

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