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Guerrilla Tow Truck Marketing

Online marketing for towing companies is like a rich forest full of amazing opportunities. When you go the guerrilla marketing way, there’s no added cost to your marketing budget; nevertheless you could gain incredible exposure as a result of your efforts.

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Guerrilla marketing was designed by Jay Conrad Levinson as a tool for small businesses with nonexistent marketing budgets to get noticed by consumers. The expenditures required are a passion for your business, creativity, and follow-through. Guerrilla marketing is an aggressive brand of towing advertising.

More than half of all the people on the Internet are involved in social networking. Facebook currently has more online activity than any other site. Thus, Facebook is an ideal venue for guerrilla marketing tactics.

As a social network, Facebook facilitates sharing. When people come across something that they simply must show to their friends and family, that online resource can get incredible exposure. Online marketing for towing companies can include attempts to create just such a unique post that is wildly sharable.

There’s no harm in being ambitious in your goals as you set out to engage in guerrilla marketing. Just be aware that it’s very rare for a post to “go viral,” getting the type of incredible exposure which can win a lifetime of fame for a towing business. As long as professional integrity isn’t compromised, why not go for it?

Here’s an idea for going the extra mile in towing advertising. Shoot a series of staged videos which briefly enact scenes in which customers receive emergency towing services. Have an ongoing character or some brand of humor in each one. Add an air of lightheartedness to your towing business. Something as simple as this kind of video series could win over the loyalty of your community.

Get together with all of your drivers and come up with ideas for guerrilla marketing. Follow through with the plans made from your brainstorming session, and measure the effectiveness of your efforts.

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