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Coe 4 OR Senate!

As a business owner for close to 45 years now, I have witnessed a dramatic increase in the burden placed on businesses by the actions of our State legislature. Ever-increasing taxes, excessive fees and piles of new regulations are threatening our current small business owners and discouraging new entrepreneurs from investing here.

A large part of the problem that we have in our State today is that we have a relatively small number of legislators who have ever worked in the real world and/or signed the front of a paycheck. Despite gains this last election (2010), there are still too few individuals representing us in Salem who truly understand what it takes to bring real economic growth and prosperity to our State.

It is because of my deep commitment to improving our economic climate that I have decided
to run for the Oregon State Senate in 2012. My home in Sylvan is in Senate District 14, now held by Democrat Senator Mark Haas. Senator Hass and I hold a very different view on the role of government in our lives, and I know I am better suited to challenge the status quo, engage our regulatory agencies, and offer tangible solutions that will lead to long-term economic improvements.

Small businesses create the vast majority of new jobs. The solution to promoting small business does not require any bailouts, special treatment, or harsh changes… It’s very simple: To get Oregon’s economy back on track and put additional people to work, we absolutely must reduce regulations and lower taxes (and in most cases, “fees”) on businesses and business owners.

As the owner or managing partner of several Oregon businesses, I know first hand the challenges and road-blocks caused by local and state government. I have testified many times before the Portland City Council, Multnomah County Commissioners, and numerous other municipalities in the greater Metro area. In addition, I have testified at committee hearings during every legislative session since 1981 about business issues. I know my way around the Capitol and possess an intimate knowledge of the process of crafting and passing legislation. Most importantly, I know how to walk in the door and immediately get to work.

Those who know me know that I have been a tireless worker in every arena. My work ethic is strong. Speed’s Towing has been the dominant player in greater Portland for over 30 years. Pacific Cascade Towncar is most prominent at our airport’s upscale transportation island. I have served as President of the Oregon Tow Truck Association and the Towing & Recovery Association of America, and two terms as President of the Central Eastside Industrial Council.

To win this race I must not only raise money but also outwork my competitor. This is going to
be one of the top Senate races in Oregon this year, and the Senate Republican Caucus has made this a top-tier race, with the control of the State Senate hinging on my victory. Because of this, it will probably cost as much as $500k to adequately get my message out to the voters and ultimately win.

The reality of the modern political campaign is that incumbents have a major fundraising advantage. As a business owner with a long track record of honesty and success, I am asking you to invest some of your hard-earned money with me. I promise to follow through on my pledge to represent you and all the rest of the hard-working Oregonians who make our State great, and restore some common sense economic principles to our State government. I cannot do this without your help, and I thank you in advance for your support.

Gary Coe

GARY COE FOR STATE SENATE // P.O. BOX 25283 // PORTLAND, OR 97298 // 503-789-2071

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Posted by Cyndi Kight, Associate Editor of Towing and Recovery Footnotes

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