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WooHoo! December Digital Edition is Out!

Your December 2010 digital edition of Towing and Recovery Footnotes is now available. Simply click here to instantly begin reading the issue, or click on the features below to read specific articles.

  • Charity Begins At Work. The holidays are a perfect time to consider what charitable and community efforts would best suit your towing firm and/or family. Helping others in your market area is not only a good thing for the recipients but it’s a morale builder for your towing team as well as being good for business — a win/win for all. Page 1
  • Higher & Higher Tech. The technology available today for towing companies is nothing short of revolutionary. The ultimate is to completely eliminate conversation (and thereby errors and lost time) between dispatchers and drivers and to go with a virtually paperless office. Two articles give insights into the very latest. Pages 14 & Page 16
  • Hazmat Training & Safety. Two articles shed light on hazmat recovery, a serious issue for towers. If you’re not an expert on hazmat, here are some basics that will get your office and your drivers started from the standpoint of regulations, training, safety, and some things to watch for on-scene. Pages 19 & Page 22
  • Nights & Daze. Driving your wife crazy with your snoring? Always feeling sleepy at the wheel? Productivity down? You may have a health condition that is correctable but potentially dangerous if ignored. Here are some answers that could change your life and work and improve things at home as well. Page 8
Also in this issue: A chance to win a $427 Signal Vehicle Products Lightbar from Pierce Sales; the advantages of working with a friendly competitor; a tower’s favorite chassis and wrecker; and the story ofthree generations of family towing. And don’t hesitate to ask Sales Manager David Abraham at 877-219-7734, ext. 1 about our comboprint/online advertising deals that will increase your product visibility at a great savings over the usual rates.
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December 2010 Issue:
We hope you enjoy the December issue of Towing and Recovery Footnotes .
Sincerely,Bill Candler 
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Posted by Cyndi Kight, Associate Editor of Towing and Recovery Footnotes

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