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Who are potential customers I can reach by marketing on the Internet?

This is a great question, currently your potential customers are actually searching online for towing services. Gone are the days of people opening up the phone book and flipping through the pages to find you. In fact, 74% of people are now researching local businesses and services via Google, Yahoo!, bing, and other local directories as well as mobile devices like GPS units, cell phones, and in car devices like Onstar. With just over 100 million mobile devices now having Google Maps installed on them it’s a must to get online and market your business. If don’t correctly you can usually see great result within three months at a fraction of the cost you would spend on just one phonebook ad.

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Consider the perfect towing scenario, your potential customer breaks down on the side of a busy highway or is at a friend’s house and gets in their car and it just won’t start. They need a tow truck or emergency roadside service and they need it as soon as possible. Do you think they’re going to have a phonebook handy? No, probably not. What they will have is their mobile phone or access to some kind of internet connected devices. They will likely search for “towing service your city “and if you don’t come up your competition will. Great for your competition, probably not so good for you.  With Google making up almost 70% of local search this should be your primary goal in obtaining online real estate. Our customers have seen up business increase by up to 40% when they obtained first page placement on Google’s local search.

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