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What’s SEO and Does My Towing Company Need It?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is like today’s version of the full-page back cover advertisement on the Yellow Pages, only better.  SEO gets you found by consumers looking for a local towing company.

Online marketing for towing companies is essential because approximately 70% of consumers now seek local services by searching on the Internet.  Excellent SEO is what puts your company at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

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Many businesses make the mistake of hiring a company to build and maintain their website for them, but there’s no SEO involved.  It’s possible to have a website that’s nice to look at but is completely disconnected from search engines.  In other words, a website can be on the worldwide Internet but at the same time be virtually invisible.

SEO is the part of a website that appeals to computer search bots.  There’s no sense having a towing marketing website with terrific human appeal unless it also has search bot appeal.

Online marketing for towing companies should include the following SEO strategies.

If the towing marketing website was built without consideration for SEO, either start again from scratch or rebuild to include SEO.  This is foundational to reaching a top position with search engines.

Each page of your website should include a unique title tag that’s keyword-focused.  A keyword is a descriptive term that consumers use to search for a local towing company.

Use the location of your business in the content of your site, which is essential to getting your business found by local motorists who have towing needs.

Content is one of the most important elements that help a website to achieve top ranking on SERPs.  The content should be unique, well-written, and useful to the type of people who are likely to visit your site.  Adding fresh content at least weekly is also very important to achieving SEO.

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