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TomTom Makes Driving Safer for Fleets with Active Driver Feedback

Here’s the press release:

TomTom Business Solutions, the division dedicated to commercial fleets, has announced the availability of Active Driver Feedback and WEBFLEET OptiDrive™; two new features focused at further increasing TomTom’s safety and efficiency benefits for businesses.
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McDonnell seeks to scrap two state agencies | Richmond Times-Dispatch

McDonnell seeks to scrap two state agencies | Richmond Times-Dispatch:

In his latest attempt at slimming the bureaucracy, Gov. Bob McDonnell will ask state lawmakers to dissolve two state agencies, scrap 19 boards and commissions, and deregulate hair braiders.
He also is seeking to merge about a half-dozen state agencies into others and to winnow 23 boards and commissions into 11, according to a proposed reorganization his office released Tuesday.
An early estimate by the Department of Planning and Budget pegs savings from the reforms at about $2 million a year. Read full story…

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