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Doubly Dangerous Duty In WI

Drivers Walk Away From Frightening Tow Truck AccidentsBe sure to click the link and view the video news story of these two wrecker drivers during one dangerous weekend.

The shots of the flattened flatbed are unbelievable… The first wrecker driver threw himself out of the truck just seconds before it was crushed by a jackknifed semi!
Here’s the story from

Dangerous roads and questionable driving cause two crashes that come mere inches from killing tow truck drivers.
Tonight they say if other drivers don’t learn their lesson, someone is going to die.
The pictures make it tough to believe anyone could walk away alive.
A flat bed tow truck, crushed like an aluminum can.
Bossert Auto Body owner Ed Bossert says, “My wrecker driver looked out of the window just in time to jump.”
Friday afternoon on Highway 151, just outside of Mineral Point, a semi driver loses control, jackknifes and goes sliding straight for a wrecker parked on the side of the road.
The tow truck driver, in the cab at the time, sees the semi coming and dives out of the truck into the ditch a second before impact. The semi slides up the wrecker’s ramp, shears off the top of the cab and pushes the wrecker 300 feet down the road.
Bossert says, “You know, I can replace the wrecker. I couldn’t have replaced the guy. I don’t know what I would have told his wife or the family. It’s one of those things. People have to slow down.”
In 30 years Bossert has never seen anything like it, and the dangerous weekend was just beginning.
On highway 151 alone there were two close calls and with fractions of a second difference, they could have been far worse.
A tow driver working for Greenwood Auto in Dodgeville says he thought he was dead.
Around 2 o’clock this morning he was pulling a car out of the ditch on 151, just 7 miles down the road from Friday’s crash. He says a semi slid into his wrecker, throwing him 10 feet into the ditch.
In both crashes everyone escaped serious injury.
Bossert says, “It’s just totally unbelievable that no one was killed.”
Tonight both incidents prompt the same message.
Bossert says, “People have to learn to slow down.”
Employees at both of these towing companies say they’ve seen their share of close calls over the years and many of them have been too close for comfort.
But they say these crashes are about as scary as it gets.

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