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Got Video? It Might Earn You Some $$

Here’s some info sent in by TruTV:

There’s no business like tow business! As drivers, you know every call can lead you into a hotbed of freakish behavior. From the furious deadbeat targeted for a repo, to the drunk driver who still doesn’t know why his car’s split in two, you can never tell what you’re going to find. That’s why having cameras – in your vehicles and in your yards – is such a slam dunk.
Now, thanks to truTV, those cameras don’t just watch your back – they can earn you some cool cash! This is your chance to showcase your company’s drivers and the bizarre world they inhabit. Did your cameras catch the businessman going ballistic over his illegally-parked Lexus? The rubbernecker who turned an accident scene into a demolition derby? Or the irate customer who stormed into your business? Then you can be part of the hottest reality show on television –TOP 20 MOST SHOCKING!
TOP 20 MOST SHOCKING is the wildest, most action-packed hour of caught-on-tape footage on the air. Whether it’s the outrageous rampages of Hotheads From Hell, or the unbelievable antics of Biggest Boozers, no other show can match our raw take on the unexpected. And now, we’re ready to deliver our eye-opening look at the job that always comes with a hitch: TOW TRUCK MADNESS!
We’re tracking down the craziest footage from across the country and around the globe of tow trucking lunacy as experienced by the pros! Forget watching others on Operation Repo. Now you can be in the spotlight as the star of our show!
What we’re looking for:
Car Owners Wielding Weapons
Vehicles Falling Off The Truck
Tow Trucks Rammed By Negligent Drivers
Customers Who Think Their Car’s Disabled When It’s Not
Employees Being Chased By Vengeful Drivers
Or any other situation that leaves you hoisting your jaw off the ground!
TOP 20 MOST SHOCKING has consistently topped the ratings, thanks to fans like you sending in the hottest videos out there today. And we’ll pony up to keep delivering the goods! To send in your video, just contact, 323-468-4600, or upload footage directly to  

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Posted by Cyndi Kight, Associate Editor of Towing and Recovery Footnotes

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