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Footnotes’ January Digital Edition is OUT!

Your January 2011 digital edition of Towing and Recovery Footnotes is now available. Simply click here to instantly begin reading the issue, or click on the features below to read specific articles.

  • Get It In Gear! Enjoy Footnotes’ annual equipment issue, featuring articles on the impact of customer opinion on equipment development, some towers’ favorite gear, and products seen at SEMA, the big equipment trade show. New trucks and accessories from the major manufacturers are highlighted as well. Page 1, Page 6 and Page 9
  • Regs, Regs, Regs! Towers are getting hit by more and more onerous regulations and paperwork requirements from government at all levels. What can be done about it, if anything? For a little help on the issue, see our in-depth analysis of the situation regarding regulations affecting towing companies. Pages 14
  • Rough Stuff In Philly. Some towers in Philadelphia are fiercely competitive, often racing to a scene to beat the tower called to handle the job, and this behavior is starting to get the attention of the city government, to the potential detriment of all towers there. Pages 20
  • Wreck Chasers. In a companion story, you will learn how Philadelphia towers are getting even wider attention via a reality TV show. Will this show hurt the image of city towers even more? You be the judge. Page 21
Also in this issue: A chance to win a $119 Tie-Down Bundle from Pierce Sales, which includes three sets of two different tie-downs each; new products from Jerr-Dan, NRC, and Miller; and even a few jokes as well. And don’t hesitate to ask about our combo print/online advertising deals that will increase your product visibility at a great savings over the usual ad rates.
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January 2011 Issue:

We hope you enjoy the January issue of Towing and Recovery Footnotes .
Bill Candler
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Posted by Cyndi Kight, Associate Editor of Towing and Recovery Footnotes

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