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Dangerous Duty in VA

Here’s the story from NBC12:

CHESTERFIELD, VA (WWBT) – A tow truck driver nearly lost his life while on the job after he was sideswiped by another driver who didn’t stop. The hit and run happened on Interstate 95 just south of 895 in Chesterfield.

Barry Best has a massive bruise on his lower back, but has since returned to work, even taking jobs on the interstate again. The hit and run driver is still on the run.
Best’s wife turned to Craigslist for help and even offered a reward.
Best could’ve easily been killed. A huge bruise on his back is a painful reminder.
“Felt like I’d been hit by a baseball bat,” said Best.
Best was on-call early Saturday. Two men needed a tow to Petersburg.
“I was at least six to eight feet on the other side of the white line,” said Best.
He was about to load up their car when the father of two said his life flashed before his eyes.
“I was standing pretty much like this when I saw the car coming towards me at an angle and about that time is when I squeezed up like that, and it still clipped me right there,” said Best.
Best said he heard and felt the car’s side mirror shatter against his back. Neither Best nor the men he was helping got a good look at the car. He thinks it was a dark colored Honda Accord.
“They should have at least stopped to see if I was okay,” said Best.
Last year, the DMV tracked 243 crashes statewide involving tow truck drivers. One was killed, 20 others hurt.
Tow truck drivers are now protected under Virginia’s move over slow down law. State lawmakers expanded it last year to include amber flashing lights. Best said his were on. He was also wearing a bright safety vest.
“It’s very, very easy to see at night,” said Best.
Best’s wife posted an ad on Craigslist, but only one other person besides me responded, asking if he was okay.
“That kind of makes us wonder if this person knows something about it,” said Best.
State police are investigating. If you have information that could help solve the case, give them a call. The vehicle involved will have damage to the front passenger side mirror. 

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