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Back From The Tow Show

We had an incredible time at the Tow Show this past weekend and were so happy to meet so many amazing people! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello. We are looking forward to next year’s conference! We were also very pleased with the turn out at both of our sessions during the weekend.We received several requests for the presentation to run again and will be running each presentation live over the next month and will also be posting them here. Stay tuned for more specifics on presentation dates.

Cross Country Network News Wrote a spot about our social media presentation in their Live Blog. We appreciate them and encourage you all to check out their blog

“4:00 – Rony Mirzaians from Towing Guru, just hosted a great workshop on a social media. Here are a few highlights for those of you looking to market your business online:

Three reasons to participate in social networking for your business

  1. Your customers are participating AND talking about your business – it’s time for you to participate
  2. Customers expect you to be engaged – social media is a great platform for customer service
  3. Social media enhances your visibility – social media gives you the opportunity to reach a lot of people at once. Visibility + credibility = profitability.

Four simple steps to start using social media

  1. Set up a user profile for your business. Introduce your company, services and products you offer, hours, and business descriptions. Two popular social media sites are Facebook and Twitter.
  2. Find users and groups that relate to your business. Search for similar companies as yours and research what social media sites they are using
  3. Add your business to communities that share common interests, join groups and start “following” like minded users
  4. Keep your sales pitch to a minimum, social media is about building relationships, and much less about selling.
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